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Dishwasher Cleaner

Item # 1915432

Grid is 1 inch square
Cleaner - Part # 1915432 Mfg Part # 5304482929

Glisten dishwasher cleaner

OEM Part - Manufacturer #5304482929


No longer available

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Dishwasher Cleaner

Item # 4979579

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Probiotic Dishwasher Cleaner removes odors and buildup from dishwasher. The specially selected friendly bacteria removes food remnants, grease and grime. 1 carton includes 6 packets of probiotic cleaner, each packet is 2 oz.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #10SCPROD02

Dishwasher Cleaner

Item # 4979582

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Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets reduce odor and removes food remnants, grease, and grime to help keep your dishwasher fresh. Contains 6 tablets for about 6 total months of cleaning power. It is recommended to use one tablet per month.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #10FFPRDT01

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