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Washing Machine Cleaner Kit

Item # 4975354

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Probiotic Bundle includes 1ea of ReadyClean Probiotic Sink & Disposer Cleaner, Dishwasher Cleaner & Washer Cleaner. Each box contains 6 packets featuring triple action formulas to safely clean appliances & remove odors caused by bacteria, mold and fungus.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #10FFHOME01

Washing Machine Cleaner

Item # 4979578

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Washing machine cleaner removes odors, residue, and lime scale inside the washer. Contains 6 packets.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #10SCPROL02

Washing Machine Cleaner

Item # 4979581

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Reduce odor, residue and limescale from inside the washing machine to help keep your washer clean, fresh with Electrolux PureAdvantage® Washer Tablets. Contains 6 tablets for up to 6 months of cleaning power, use one tablet each month.

OEM Part - Manufacturer #10ELPRLT01

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